CT Insights: Northwest rates are on the up-and-up, while California lags behind

At CloudTrucks, our data science team performs a deep biweekly analysis of actual spot market rates across the country. We rely on data from 100's of brokers and we believe that insight into this data will help owner operators plan their schedules better.

Here is what we are seeing this week:

  • Dry Van rates have increased from two weeks ago, by an average of $0.05 per mile. For every 1 lane seeing a rate decrease from 2 weeks ago, 3 lanes saw a rate increase.
  • Lanes originating from the Northwest continue to see rate increases.
  • Lanes originating from WA, OR and ID are on average 6% higher vs 2 weeks ago.
  • Short haul rates in PA and NY continue to average $4.00 per mile.
  • Long haul rates are strong out of the Midwest, and into the Northeast, as well as lanes out of California.
  • Lanes originating in WI, IL and IA have $2.99 rate per mile, on average.
  • Lanes arriving in NY and further NE have $3.25 rate per mile, on average.
  • Rates originating in CA have $2.81 rate per mile, on average.
  • However, rates into California are some of the lowest in the country, averaging $1.45 per mile.

Top 10 lanes with higher than expected rates per mile:

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